1st October 2023

Wow, the weather has really taken a turn now; the last of the summer sun is behind us but we have cosy winter nights to look forward too. 

Our guests can make the most of the wood burning stoves in the lodges during the autumn and winter months. It really is incredible how much heat can be produced from a few logs! We have one in our own home too; when it’s on I make sure to leave the bedroom doors open upstairs as the stove heats the whole house in no time! 

Our logs are supplied by local family run business ‘Baltic Firewood Company’. Owners Alex and Nina are great friends of ours and always provide a great service. They supply high quality kiln dried logs that are perfect for burning in our stoves as well as the fire pits outside too. 


We often have guests tell us they love to ‘coorie in’ with the wood burning stove on and watch the world go by out of the large picture windows. It’s exactly what we love to hear! We designed the lodges that way specifically with the aim of our guests being able to relax and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding countryside and River Clyde Estuary. 


Over the years we have had a couple of mishaps involving the wood burning stoves. Previous guests have made the mistake of leaving items on top of the stove while it’s on; phones, candles, even a set of car keys once! You can imagine what happens. They get extremely hot and melt not only causing damage but it’s very difficult to clean. 

So if you have a booking with us and have never used one before make sure to read the instructions first or just give us a call. We would be more than happy to assist. 


We have the stoves prepared ready to light for each guest as they arrive so they can settle in, get cosy and relax as soon as they can. 

When it’s cold and windy outside, there really isn’t a nicer feeling than being able to ‘coorie’ in around the wood burner with cosy blankets and a cup of hot chocolate in my opinion! 



Our friends at Baltic Firewood Company can be found at www.balticfirewood.co.uk